We are able to get advertisements for your website on the first page of the main search engines within an hour!


It’s crucial to drive as many people to your website as much as possible. Drastic unexpected increases and decreases in traffic can often kill a website. With paid search marketing, traffic amounts can be controlled. Fun fact: 20% of Google searches have never been made before!


One of the most overlooked advantages of paid search marketing is the ability to test online marketing campaigns through the vast amount of features and data.


Paid search ads are about relevance. When someone views SEA ads, they will only get the most relevant information in relation to their search. This creates the best user experience for the end user and also allows advertisers to target and receive very refined, qualified traffic.

Geo Targeting and
Ad Scheduling

Geotargeting allows us to only select specified locations all over the world to display ads. (even to the expatriates). Ad scheduling allows us to select specific days and times of the day to run ads. This is extremely helpful for when we get the best responses from consumers or when they are able to respond in a timely manner.

Paid and
Organic Listing

According to a Google study regarding running SEA campaigns in combination with SEO listing, data showed that traffic made by SEA campaigns have not been recovered by the organic listing (SEO) when SEA campaigns have been paused. Before ads are paused, traffic comes with both paid and organic listing. When there are no ads, clicks on organic listings rise slightly, but not enough to make up for lost paid traffic. On average, 89% of paid traffic on an advertiser’s site is lost and left unrecovered by organic clicks.

Commission Models


We prefer to start working
with a CPL of $5 (Search
campaigns or Gmail ads)


All kind of verticals


All depends on the goal,
but we prefer to work
beyond $0.10