World class programmatic intelligence for user engagement.
360° Digital Agency

Justclick Media provides comprehensive solutions to both advertisers and publishers.

Robust Technology

A suite of tools for high-conversions that include API integration, artificial intelligence and real-time reporting dashboards.

Strategic Alliances

Industry-renowned merchants, qualified publishers and state-of-the-art technologic partners.

Global Reach

Tailored audiences and advanced targeting options for specific marketing purposes.

Leading Performance marketing since 2006

In-house technology for succesful campaign management.
Streamlined data from different networks, verticals and formats.
Actionable attribution and powerful BI.

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Digital Environment

Boosting industry’s core players towards performance

Our largely curated network of publishers enable our advertising partners to reach content-related audiences with a high purchase intention.

About our premium publishers

Brands, already well-renowned for their products and services, are able to cover multiple segments like app users and mobile video consumers. Smaller brands take advantage of special features like hyper-local or weather targeting.

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It doesn’t matter if the network is small or big, vertical specific or global, with one or more monetisation models. What matters is a long-term, profitable partnership which can only occur when all the relevant aspects of the relationship are covered.

Our partner networks

In-house technology developed for smart media buying and special reporting tools to connect the missing dots that boost effectiveness. Into the bargain strategic alliances to cover many other aspects to take the most out of each effort.

About our technology

Featured solution

The statistics from your Performance networks gathered in one place.

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DMEXCO September 13 & 14, 2017 – The Global Business and Innovation Platform

Die Messe dmexco Köln, digital marketing exposition & conference ist die Businessmesse für das digitale Marketing. Die dmexco Messe Köln bildet die komplette Wertschöpfungskette des digitalen Marketings ab und setzt gleichzeitig auf Qualität statt Quantität. Die Fachbesucher erwartet auf der digital marketing exposition & conference ein intensiver Austausch zwischen Marketingentscheidern, Agenturen und Ausstellern. Mit dem richtigen Gespür für nationale sowie internationale Markt-Entwicklungen, ist die dmexco Köln eine der führenden Branchenveranstaltungen und zentrales Forum für die digitale Wirtschaft.

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